What you should know about DBZ Dokkan Battle

What you should know about DBZ Dokkan Battle

You are looking for DBZ Dokkan tips, tricks and information about current hacks and cheats? Then you are right at this point, because in this article we want to introduce What you should know about DBZ Dokkan Battle.

DBZ Dokkan Tips, Tricks


Always keep an eye on upcoming events. Once you have successfully completed such an event, you can unlock more fighters and win rarer characters. With 3 fighters at level 40 you have good chances at the events. It is advantageous if the 3 fighters have different types.

Character types

Each character in DBZ Dokkan is assigned to a type, which in turn has strengths and weaknesses over other types. In the upper right corner you see in the fight which types have advantages and disadvantages compared to another type.

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Type defense

Defend yourself from an attack with the stronger element type. When attacking an enemy, pay attention to the order in which each character attacks. So, as your opponent approaches you, you can use your character with Element’s advantage to defend. On average, you take less damage from incoming attacks and you gain an advantage over the course of the fight.

The team lineup

When you’re in a battle, it’s important to use the link skills of your characters by setting up your fighters correctly. So the right formation of your fighters can bring a considerable boost to the stats. By sharing your fighters, you can see at the bottom of the screen if and what link skills you can get.

The right orbs

Be sure to collect the right colored orbs for your fighters. Each fighter type is assigned a color. The right orbs will not only give your character double the AI, but extra energy as well. It is true, the higher the DEF value of the character, the more energy gets back this.

Cards Basics

On the map you move over the random numbers, as in the dice. Each field has a specific property.

  • Gray – nothing
  • Red – HP is reduced
  • Question mark – provides a good or bad feature
  • Blue – provides capsule, money or AI
  • Red with stop sign – must be defeated to get ahead
  • Baba – provides the opportunity to buy an item

Regular login

By playing DBZ Dokkan Battle regularly, you can receive an item gift per day. (It’s enough to log in.) So, if you are in the menu and see a number in the gift selector icon below, you can collect your new items.

KI bursts

If you pick up the right AI Orb to reinforce your character, you should check each time you can pick up AI Bursts. KI bursts appear when you have several orbs of the same color in a row.

To play with friends

Before each level you have the opportunity to fight with an ally player. After the fight, you then have the opportunity to send a friend request to your ally. The advantage of battling with friends lies in the Friend Points, which you can use to unlock new characters. You will get relatively more Friend Points if you play with a friend on a regular basis.

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