how to farm dragon stones? – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

how to farm dragon stones? – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

If you want to summon the best and newest characters in Dragon Ball Z – Dokkan Battle, you have to farm a lot of Dragon Stones . These valuable clunkers are needed for the so-called “summons”, with which you steadily strengthen your team. We want to show you all the methods you can use to earn a lot of Dragon Stones.

The official Facebook page on Dokkan Battle announced the arrival of 200 million global downloads. As a thank you to the players, developers Akatsuki and publisher Bandai Namco spend tons of Dragon Stones. So, you can farm about 20 Dragon Stones per day every day, as you complete the daily events, but one after the other.

Dragon Stones farming made easy

Just after the game starts, when you have your first fighter assigned and complete your first missions, you will be showered with plenty of Dragon Stones . You do not know where to go and start a few “Summons”. Later, though, you will not get that easy on Dragon Stones, so we want to show you the best farming methods here.

Login-Bonus : For the daily login you will be rewarded with many items and from time to time also Dragon Stones. Stay tuned and join in daily, even if you do not have much time to play – it’s worth it!

Complete Quests : If you complete any quest for the first time, you will receive a Dragon Stone as a reward. You can complete any quest on Normal, Hard and Z-Hard difficulty levels – for each one you can receive a Dragon Stone the first time. Since there are currently 21 areas with just six to ten quests, you can properly nourish Dragon Stones here .

Missions : In addition to the quests, there are various missions that are rather challenges . Here you will be rewarded for milestones and will usually receive one to three Dragon Stones per completed mission. For example, complete quests with no continues, level up, or train your characters. Check out the list and collect so many Dragon Stones.

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Speaking of fast leveling: Every day you have the opportunity to complete the event called “Training in the Clouds” . Here you train with Mr. Popo and get tons of experience and rare items. Not only are your characters quickly leveling up, but your level is also increasing immensely. So you can reach the level milestones much faster and you can farm more Dragon Stones.

Shenlong’s Wishes : Once you have collected all seven Dragon Balls, Shenlong ( Shenron in Game) appears, granting you a wish. Again, you can come to Dragon Stones by saying “I want more allies!” chooses. In addition to ten additional character slots you get so ten Dragon Stones. You can express this wish several times, you just have to pick up the seven Dragon Balls again.

Dusting Dragon Stones in current events

The growing popularity of Dokkan Battle has resulted in many new events. Almost every week events are announced where you can also farm more Dragon Stones at the same time. With the achievement of 200 million downloads, there are currently (as of August 08, 2017) per day two Dragon Stones . Log in every day to dust it off until the pool of 200 million Dragon Stones worldwide is exhausted.

There are also events like the “Preliminary Stage” , where you can boost missions and earn as many Dragon Stones. These special quests are only available for a limited amount of time, so if you want more Dragon Stones, you should take your time.

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