Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle-Tips and tricks for beginners

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle-Tips and tricks for beginners

With Dragon Ball Z – Dokkan Battle you download a furious firework on your smartphone. With over 600 characters, you will complete hundreds of stages in which you face the ever-growing baddies of the Dragon Ball series. In this beginner guide we would like to give you useful tips and tricks for this awesome game. Here you can learn all about the types of fighters, events, Dragon Stones, Items and Awakenings.

Tips for getting started with Dokkan Battle

When you start Dokkan Battle for the first time, you will be assigned a random character that will be the leader of your team for the first hours of play . Then your team of fighters is completed, which are the same for each player at the beginning. Overall, you can take six warriors on the quests. If you leave seats blank, they will be filled up with weak plant men.

So it makes perfect sense to do one or two “Summons” right at the beginning so that you have only medium to strong heroes in the team. The plant men do little damage and even make a few hits before they bite into the grass.

Strengths and weaknesses of character types

All characters in DBZ Dokkan Battle are assigned to one type. These in turn have strengths and weaknesses over other types. These categories are available in the game:

STR : red
PHY : Orange
AGL : Blue
INT : Purple
TEQ : Green

dokkan battle characters

If you are in a fight, a chart will be displayed at the top right that shows you the strengths of each type over another. To distribute the advantages and disadvantages:

STR -> PHY -> INT -> TEQ -> AGL -> STR etc.
Suppose you have an STR character: If you attack a PHY fighter, you deal double damage. However, if you launch an attack on an AGL warrior, all damage is reduced by half.

Rarity of the characters

New fighters are available in many different ways. If you select a character, you will see the rarity of the map in the upper left half of the screen . These are the names of the rarity levels:

N : Normal
R : Rare
SR : Super rare
SSR : Super Super Rare
UR : Ultra rare
LR : Legendary Rare

Dokkan Battle has occupied top slots in the charts for years. Unfortunately, there are also some apps with horribly bad descriptions:

The fields in the stages

To complete a stage, you have to go through different fields similar to Mario Party . You always choose one of the three numbers, which you will see at the bottom of the screen. Before you make your first steps on the virtual board, you should zoom out and look at the possible ways . Seek out a preferred route already. You can land on these fields:

Gray : Neutral field on which nothing happens.
Red box (yellow crosshair) : Your HP will be reduced.
Red box (character & stop sign) : Here you can not pass! Your steps are interrupted and canceled – you have to fight.
Red Box (Character) : The fight will only start when you land on this square.
Colorful question mark : Here you can expect a random bonus, which can be positive or negative. Sometimes you get Zeni, another time HP deducts you.
Saiyajin Warrior : A random character receives a Ki bonus for the next fight.
Fortuneteller Baba : The 500-year-old lady gives you a random item in exchange for Zeni – it’s always worth it!

dokkan battle capsules

As you travel through the stage, you will also find three types of capsules . These are marked in the middle with the colors blue, red and purple . The color of the case – gray, bronze, silver or gold – shows you the rarity. These items are hidden in the capsules:

Blue capsules : Support items that regenerate HP or turn orbs into the color you want.
Red Capsule : Training items that allow you to increase the level of your character.
Purple Capsule : Awakening medals that you can use to perform awakenings. More on that later.

Find the 7 Dragon Balls

In addition to the above items, you may find one of seven Dragon Balls on the stage with a bit of luck. If you collect all, Shenlong will fulfill your wish. We recommend you to start with the wish “I want more allies” , which will bring you ten Dragon Stones and ten extra slots for characters.

Battle tips for the battle

In the battles of Dokkan Battle you should pay attention to the following tips and tricks , otherwise you will get on the hat later in the game. To attack an adversary, tap on one of the five orbs in front of your character. Always choose the color that matches your fighter’s type here. This will fill up your ki twice as fast.

In addition, the path of your orbs should consist of as many same-colored balls as possible. This increases your ki and the damage you end up with. In addition, your health will be regenerated if you choose the colors of your type for an attack.

In the fight you have to be able to take a lot. To successfully block , you should consider the order of your three active characters. The order of attack runs from left to right. If you see the image of an opponent in the groin, you should place a character in front of it whose type has the advantage of the opponent.

For example, if your opponent attacks with an INT type , place a fighter with PHY or STR type in front of it. This halves the damage that your opponent deals. For your team, we recommend you have at least one character of each type with you . So you are ready for any combat situation and can use all orb variations to your advantage.

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Do daily events

Dokkan Battle is regularly provided with new events – you should always do this. Sometimes you train with Mr. Popo in the clouds to get an immense number of experience points or Master Quince provides you with massive training items in his tower .

dokkan battle daily events

Particularly lucrative are the character events where you can often get an R or SR fighter . Here you usually only have to complete the stage and do the protagonist in a boss fight. Sometimes you have to complete the event in all three levels of difficulty to earn the reward.

Attention : Most events are limited to a few days or weeks. If you miss one, you will have to wait a while to get a new chance to get exclusive items or characters.

Summons: So you get rare characters

Fighters of the N- or R-category are in Dokkan Battle like sand by the sea. For characters with rarities such as SR, SSR, or UR, you must complete successful Summons . You can do the following summons:

Single-Summon : You get a character for five Dragon Stones. This is rare in most cases (R). When Son Goku turns into a Super Saiyajin while firing his Kamehameha’s during the Summon, you will definitely get a very rare (SR) or super rare (SSR) character.

Multi-Summon : You will receive ten new fighters for 50 Dragon Stones. One of them is guaranteed an SR character or better. Again, when Goku transforms during the summon, you will receive several very rare warriors.

Mostly there are limited summons , which are coupled to a certain event. Here you can win unique characters for your team. In addition, the chance of rare fighters is slightly higher.

Tips for the awakenings

With the so-called awakenings you can greatly increase the values ??of your characters (ATK, DEF and HP). Sometimes you even increase the rarity of the fighter. For this you need Awakening medals , which you collect among other things in the levels of purple capsules. Recently, you will receive some Awakening medals in exchange for baba coins at Fortuneteller Baba’s shop.

Keep looking for Awakening events in the Quests category, where you’ll receive heaps of items as a reward.

To perform Awakening at all, your character must have reached the maximum level. The rarity levels have the following level limits:

N : Level 20
R : Level 40
SR : Level 60
SSR : Level 80
UR : Level 100
LR : Level 150

Some selected characters like (Absolutely Invincible Warrior) Super Gogeta or (Uncontrollable Instinct) Majin Buu can even reach level 120. The latest update also features Legendary Rares , which can be upgraded to level 150.

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