All you need to know about dragon ball z

All you need to know about dragon ball z

Dragon Ball Z” is a Japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation. She forms the sequel to the popular anime series “Dragon Ball”.

More about Dragon Ball Z

Based on the Japanese Dragon Ball Mangas, “Dragon Ball Z” revisits the story of Son Goku, which was narrated in the original ” Dragon Ball ” series. If he was still a child in the first anime series, he has now grown up in “Dragon Ball Z”. Regarding the manga, the sequel tells chapters 325 – 519, which were published until 1995. “Dragon Ball Z” ran first from 1989 to 1996 in Japan and was then translated into many languages. The dubbed versions ran worldwide with great success.

Game Review

“Dragon Ball Z” continues the story of Son Goku, who has since matured. At the same time, the childhood and the development of his sons Gohan and Goten are accompanied. Goku still has to defend the world against a variety of demonic, extraterrestrial and other dangers, including the arch-villains Vegeta and Raditz. In order to save the earth from invasion, Goku even has to travel to the other world and learn incidentally of his own origin, which he had simply forgotten. In the epic battle for the well-being of our planet, the heroes can not go too far and former enemies become friends and allies.

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Dragon Ball Z in the stream

Unfortunately “Dragon Ball Z” is not available at the known streaming providers. If you still want to see all episodes at once, you can get the complete anime series “Dragon Ball Z” on DVD, for example on Amazon * .

Episode Guide

A complete and well-arranged episode guide to “Dragon Ball Z” can be found at the colleagues of .

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